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Dataset stage and sequential file stage

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

What is the difference between dataset stage and sequential file stage? Even one more to be added here, what is the difference between dataset stage and fileset stage?

Answered by: deepakatsit on: Oct 23rd, 2014

Main Difference Between Dataset stage And Sequential file Stage is Null Value is Not allowed in Sequential File Stage Also Max File Size For Sequential File is 2 GB. Where as In Dataset Stage There Is No Limit of File Size.(Note : Can Use Maximum size which is available Size in disk)

How to read a comma delimiter file in sequential file stage?

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

How we read comma delimiter file in sequential file stage and how we can remove the header and footer from a comma delimiter file?

Answered by: deepakatsit on: Oct 23rd, 2014

For Sequential file there is an option "First Row Column Name" set to true so Header is removed and File End Type You need to select through which Footer is Removed.
Now For Comma Delimiter Use : :"Field Defaults -> Delimiter = Comma"

What is range look up and how it is used in datastage.

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

Say I have 5 rows in a source table ‎and for each rows 10 rows matching in a lookup table and my range is for lookup is 9 to 99. What will be the row count in output table?

Answered by: ramireddy on: Oct 17th, 2014

You will get same no of records in the source even there are duplicates in look up data

Job sequencing

Asked By: amulas | Asked On: Oct 13th, 2011

I have 3 jobs a,b & c, which are dependent each other, I want to run a & C jobs daily and b job run only on Sunday. How can I do it?

Answered by: soum on: Oct 17th, 2014

Create 2 sequencers, in 1st sequence job A&c and in the 2nd sequence only B will be there. Schedule the 1st Sequence through director for daily run and schedule the 2nd to run only on sunday.


Answered by: sivaksa on: Aug 13th, 2013

If we have third party tool $unives we can schedule A&C first job AB&C Second job.

First job will run daily

second job will run only Sunday

Design a job

Asked By: Alekhya ch | Asked On: Oct 16th, 2014

I have table(emp) with the columns EId,ename,sal,month(sal),year(sal) and dob (say 15th-jan-1981). design a job such that the output displays ename,year(sal),tot(sal) and current age i.E. For ex: 18 yrs

Sequential file stage

Asked By: Alekhya ch | Asked On: Oct 16th, 2014

Explain some scenarios where a sequential file stage runs in parallel?

Having single input source want three different outputs.

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

I have a source file having data like: 10 10 10 20 20 20 30 30 40 40 50 60 70 i want three output from the above input file, these output would be: 1) having only unique records no duplicates should be there. Like: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 2) having only duplicate records, no unique records should be there....

Answered by: BML on: Oct 9th, 2014

Source --> aggregator(count based on keys) -> Tfm (to distribute rows) -> 3 targets

Answered by: Ramya Sujith on: Oct 6th, 2014

Sourcefile --> copy stage --> 1st link --> Removeduplicate stage --> outputfile1 with 10,20,30,40,50,60,70

Copy stage-->2nd link --> aggregator stage (creates the row count)--> filter stage-->filter1 (count>1) -->outputfile2 with 10,20,30,40 -->Filter2(count=1)-->outputfile3 with 50,60,70

What is the use of node in data stage ?

Asked By: nareshketepalli | Asked On: Jul 15th, 2011

If we increase the nodes wt will happens?

Answered by: Indudhara V on: Oct 8th, 2014

Node is just a process. Its a logical thing used to increase the efficiency of the jobs by running them in parallel just like multi processing in operating system. Each node processes may run on the same processor or different processors.

Answered by: G.Venu on: Oct 14th, 2011

To make the job run faster

Datastage job

Asked By: hema123 | Asked On: Jul 11th, 2014

I have a sequence of job in datastage which is taking more than 4 hrs which is supposed to complete in less than 1 hr so what could be the possibilities to take much longer time than expected?

Answered by: RamyaSujith on: Oct 6th, 2014

Check if any stage is reading/processing data sequentially which could have been done in parallel.

Answered by: Raveena Mittal on: Sep 11th, 2014

When sometimes ,some DML statements are executed in the db and they are not committed,then also it may keep the job running for long hours

How to identify updated records in datastage.

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

How can we identify updated records in datastage? Only updated records without having any row-id and date column available.

What is slowly changing dimension(scd)

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

What is slowly changing dimension(scd)? How do we rectify it in datastage.

Source file and 3 output tables records problem

Asked By: taruna.arya | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

Suppose I am having a source file and 3 output tables and I want first row to be written to first table second row to second table, third row to third table likewise how can we achieve this using datastage without using partitioning?

Datastage job scenario question

Asked By: Boopathy Srinivasan | Asked On: May 18th, 2011

Input file a contains12345678910input file b contains6789101112131415output file x contains12345output file y contains678910output file z contains1112131415how can we do in this in a single ds job in px ?....Could you please give me the logic to implement ???

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Answered by: vinod chowdary

Answered On : Jul 27th, 2011

Hello guy's, I would like to solve this by using the Change capture stage. First, i am going to use source as A and refrerence as B both of them are connected to Change capture stage. From, change capture stage it connected to filter stage and then targets X,Y and Z. In the filter stage: keychange column=2 it goes to X [1,2,3,4,5] Keychange column=0 it goes to Y [6,7,8,9,10] Keychange column=1 it goes to Z [11,12,13,14,15] Revert me PLz

Answered by: Jithin on: Sep 11th, 2014

Do a full outer join between two files and from transformer draw three output links

1st link-->wherever left side is null
2nd link->wherever right side is null
3rd link->wherever match is there

Answered by: ghost on: May 17th, 2014

create one px job. src file= seq1 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) 1st lkp = seq2 (6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) o/p - matching recs - o/p 1 (6,7,8,9,10) not-matching records - o/p 2 (1,2,3,4,5) 2nd lkp: s...

What is the difference between datastage and Informatica

Asked By: anunath | Asked On: Feb 8th, 2006

Answered by: pundlik on: Sep 5th, 2014

Compared to Informatica the Data Stage is more User friendly

Answered by: sunrays_arun on: Oct 26th, 2007

SAS DI studio is best when compared to Informatica and Datastage as it generates SAS code at the back end .SAS is highly flexible compared to other BI solution.

Getting files in datastage

Asked By: Kiranchandra | Asked On: Aug 1st, 2014

How to get a files from different servers to one server in datastage by using UNIX command?

Answered by: Murali on: Aug 19th, 2014

  1. scp test.ksh dsadm@

Display files date wise like aug 18th,19th,29th data files by using UNIX cmd?

Asked By: Kiranchandra | Asked On: Aug 18th, 2014

Answered by: Ashok on: Aug 19th, 2014

You can display files date wise by doing normal ls -latr cmd

Flatfiles(.Txt,.Csv,xml) to laod sequential files?

Asked By: Kiranchandra | Asked On: Aug 5th, 2014

How can we load three different flat files(1 file .Txt,2 file .Csv,3 file XML) to sequential file at a time?

Answered by: Devesh Ojha on: Aug 11th, 2014

If Metadata is the same then we can load by doing the Union operation and if metadata is diffrent then first sync the metadata and then load them .

How to get top five rows in datastage?

Asked By: naveen.chinthala | Asked On: Jan 3rd, 2013

How to get top five rows in datastage? I tried to use @inrownum,@outrownum system variables in transformer..But they are not giving unique sequential numbers for every row...Please help! thanks in advance!!

Answered by: Poorna on: Aug 7th, 2014

You can restrict data it at source stage level its self @ using filter option.

Apply in filter : head -5

Answered by: Bhavani on: Aug 1st, 2014

It is very simple no need to think complex answers. In Seq file --> set property limit rows = 5. thats it..

What is the difference between symetrically parallel processing,massively parallel processing?

Asked By: balu | Asked On: Jun 30th, 2006

Answered by: Saurabh Sinha on: Aug 1st, 2014

In SMP every processor share a single copy of the operating system (OS)

In MPP each processor use its own operating system (OS) and memory.

Answered by: Guest on: Jan 8th, 2007

Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) is  the processing of programs by multiple processors that share a commom operating system and memory. This SMP is also called as "Tightly Coupled MultiProcessing"...

How to get the last day of the current month?

Asked By: naveen.chinthala | Asked On: Sep 12th, 2013

I have explored all the available functions in the transformer stage, but could not find the exact function to get the last day of the current month. Can you please show me which function is available for this logic.

Answered by: Arunjith B Indivar on: Jul 27th, 2014


Answered by: venueksh on: Apr 8th, 2014

Oracle has LAST_DAY function:

SELECT LAST_DAY(to_date(07/04/2014,MM/DD/YYYY)) from dual;

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