Dimension Modelling types along with their significance

Data Modelling is Broadly classified into 2 types.
a) E-R Diagrams (Entity - Relatioships).
b) Dimensional Modelling.

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Dimension modelling means to define a datawarehouse architecture using any one of the availabale schema
dimensionl modelling are 3 types 1. conceptual model  2. logical model
3.physical model
conceptual model: gathering of all the requirements
logical modelling:define facts and dimension
physical mosel:physically moving data to datawarehouse
datawarehouse graph: gathering all requirement--->define facts and dimension--->load data(datawarehouse)--->generate reports--->analysis--->decision

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Dimensional Modelling:

It is a designing methodlogy for designing datawarehouse with dimensions& facts.
It is of three types 1) Conceptual Modelling 2) Logical Modelling 3) Physical Modelling

1) Conceptual Modelling:
A datawarehouse architect gathers the business requirements.
Identify the facts, dimensions & relationships.

2) Logical Modelling:
Design the fact & dimension tables.
Create the relationship between fact & dimension tables.

3) Physical Modelling:
Execute the dimension & fact tables in database for loading..


  • Jul 9th, 2013

Dimensional modeling is a technique for conceptualizing and visualizing the data there are two types of dimensional modeling

1.Snowflake schema
2.Star schema

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