1 input file with 100 fields, Load 1st field to 1st target and so on...

Input file contains 100 fields, target is
1st field is load into Target 1
2nd field is load into Target 2
3rd field is load into Target3
100th field is load into Target100
How can achieve this scenario ?

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Gurpreet singh

  • Apr 5th, 2018

Create 100 target with that one field in DML. Then use a reformat having input file and map each field to target as per requirement.

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Amit Kumar

  • Sep 18th, 2018

Step 1: take the columns names in a col_lits.txt file.
$head -1 file_name > col_list
#IFS="," (say the file was a comma seprated file or if other than , can use tr "other delimiter" ,)
for colnm in `cat col_list`;
dsjob -- run the job wit $colnm as parameter.
Step 2: In the job do the parameter eith target_colnm

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