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A Sequences is calling activity 1, activity 2 and activity 3.while running, activity 1 and 2 got finished but 3 got aborted. How can I design a sequence such that the sequence has to run from activity 2 when I restart the sequences?

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  • Feb 17th, 2014

Launch DataStage Administrator, open Project Properties, choose Sequence tab, check "Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable on failure".

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  • Feb 20th, 2014

select the check box in job properties of activity 2 for "do not Check Point Run"


  • Apr 21st, 2014

You have to check the " Do not checkpoint run " checkbox for activity 2. If you set the checkbox for a job that job will be run if any of the job later in the sequence fails and the sequence is restarted.

To make the job re-run from activity 3, we need to introduce restartability in the sequence job. For this below points have to be taken care of in Job Sequence Adding Checkpoints: Checkpoints have to be maintained for the sequence to be restartable. So, the option Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable? in the Job Sequence Properties, should be checked. Also only then we would find the option Do not checkpoint run? under the Job? tab in each of the job activities present in the job sequence.

˜The option Do not checkpoint run? in job activity should not be checked because if another activity say activity4 later in the sequencer fails, and the sequencer is restarted, this acticity will again rerun(which is unnecessary). However if the logic demands, then it has to be checked.

The option Reset if required, then run? has to be chosen in the job activity so that when an aborted sequence is re-run then, the aborted job(due to which sequence is aborted) will re-run successfully. Hope this helps..

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