What are the ETL Tester Responsibilities?

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Some of the ETL Testers Responsibilities are as follows:

- Test ETL software.
- Test ETL datawarehouse components.
- Executing backend data-driven test.
- Create, design and execute test plans, test harnesses and test cases.
- Identify, troubleshoot and provide solutions for potential issues.
- Approve requirements and design specifications.
- Test flat file data transfers.


  • Nov 4th, 2013

ETL tester responsibilities are:

writing sql queries for various scenarios like count test,
primary key test,
duplicate test,
attribute test,
default check,
technical data quality,
business data quality.

maintaining test case results with test performed on, test case id,performed by etc.....maintaining defect log.

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  • Feb 20th, 2014

A ETL Tester primarily test source data extraction, business transformation logic and target table loading . There are so many tasks involved for doing the same , which are given below -

1. Stage table / SFS or MFS file created from source upstream system - below checks come under this :

a) Record count Check
b) Reconcile records with source data
c) No Junk data loaded
d) Key or Mandatory Field not missing
e) duplicate data not
f) Data type and size check

2) Business transformation logic applied - below checks come under this :

a) Business data check like telephone no cant be more than 10 digit or character data
b) Record count check for active and passing transformation logic applied
c) Derived Field from the source data is proper
d) Check Data flow from stage to intermediate table
e) Surrogate key generation check if any

3. Target table loading from stage file or table after applying transformation - below check come under this

a) Record count check from intermediate table or file to target table
b) Mandatory or key field data not missing or Null
c) Aggregate or derived value loaded in Fact table
d) Check view created based on target table
e) Truncate and load table check
f) CDC applied on incremental load table
g) dimension table check & history table check
h) Business rule validation on loaded table
i) Check reports based on loaded fact and dimension table

Uttam Kedia
Data Warehouse Engineer

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