ETL Testing in Informatica

As an ETL tester what are the things to test in Informatica tool. What are the types of testing has to do in informatica and the things to test in each type? If there is any documents on ETL testing

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- Test ETL software.
- Test ETL datawarehouse components.
- Executing backend data-driven test.
- Create, design and execute test plans, test harnesses and test cases.
- Identify, troubleshoot and provide solutions for potential issues.
- Approve requirements and design specifications.
- Test flat file data transfers.

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  • Jan 31st, 2013

ETL Testing in Informatica:

1. First check the workflow exist in specified folder.
2. Run the workflow. If the workflow is success then check the target table is loaded on proper data else we can need analyze the session log for the root cause for the failure then discuss with the developer and we need to check email also when the workflow fails.
3. Need to validate the email configuration when workflow fails.

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