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Suppose you found a defect and got a status as "Defered/ Suspended" and got comment that this defect will not be no longer in the next release from developer side. Deployment completed for next release and came for testing. What is your responsibility of this defect.

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  • Oct 30th, 2010

Generally such defects are called as Migrated defects.

As per my experience.. We move such defects to new project in Quality center, so a new defect number is created in new release. Now that has to tested depending on its severity and priority.

Note: Changes in functionality in release may effect the defect retest. that has to be considered and steps to retest have to be modified if required.

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  • Feb 16th, 2011

In my experience i have not followed the practice of logging new bugs to
associate with a deferred bug. What I have seen and practiced with in my
projects is have Developer will only resolve a bug as Deferred after its
discussed with in the triage meetings which involves the PM, Dev & Test Leads at
the minimum. So the decision will be taken as to which future release the can be
associated to before resolving the bug as deferred. So as a tester I would
regress this defect on the new release only if the bug’s status is updated to
Resolved-Fixed. If the status as in this case is not updated and is still
reflecting as Deferred, its deemed to be a delivery slippage from my Dev
counterpart and asks to be appraised during the subsequent triage for the way

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