ACL and Firewall

How does a firewall differ from ACL?

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  • Sep 15th, 2009

ACL Manager lets you control routers and firewalls from your PC . Deploy the same access list to different device types such as Cisco and Juniper. Save time and money in router ACL management. Manage thousands of routers from a single application. Minimize errors in ACL deployment.

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  • Mar 10th, 2011

A ACL is a Active Control List - So you specify a rule in a list of rules that data on a certain ip and or port can access another port and or ip address.  In essence its more like a rule in a router, allow everything to flow unless you specifically want it to do something else.

Where as a firewall acts as a inbetween between a trusted network and a untrusted one, so you could make a firewall not allow any traffic into your network except that on port 80 or even except traffic from a certain IP address.

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