Good firewall secures a software from all security threats?

True or False?

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Gourav dogra

  • Jan 9th, 2013


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  • Mar 23rd, 2013

No. Does a good bullet-proof vest secure one from death? First you must actually wear the vest (correctly), and even then, you might get struck by a bus, drown or have a heart attack!

Assuming the firewall is up-to-date, correctly configured, operational & monitored it /should/ substantially reduce the /network based/ attack surface. Even so, even some of the best firewalls in the world would fail to intercept well crafted exploits (targeting human, browser, application, OS & hardware weaknesses) and besides, many security threats may originate from non-network sources.


  • Aug 9th, 2014


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Viswanatha Vaddi

  • Dec 9th, 2015

No, Configuring the right rules in the "good firewall" depending on requirement will secure.

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