Create an Email Account for a user already in AD

How would you create an email account for a user already in AD?

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  • Nov 4th, 2008

Open Micosoft Outlook if you are using office 2000, and click on "Tools" tab. Go to "Email Accounts". There you can find two option like Email and Directory. Click on "Add a new Account" and click next. If you are using Exchange Server then click over there, this depends on that particular Organization. According to the their setup you have to choose. And if you are using POP3 server then next popup will come along with your name, emailaddress POP3 and SMTP IP address, Password etc. and afterthat click on Next and finish it.....

If the user account has been created with a mailbox (mailbox enabled) you may follow ameetsaha's instructions, but if you need to create an email account (mailbox) you will have to go to your Active directory using your Adminpack with exchange componets installed and .

1. Right click the user account and click on exchange tasks and click next on the exchange wizard window.
2. Select add mailbox and click next follow the prompts and direct the mailbox to a mail storage click next after every prompt and finish when done.

Then all Ameetsaha instructed is correct in my opinion.

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