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  • Connectivity Troubleshooting

    A user in a corporate network contacts service desk saying he/she has lost network connectivity: How will you troubleshoot the issue? What are the steps to followed?

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    Anele Takane  

    • Member Since Jan-2011 | Jan 6th, 2011

    1. Check the cable if it is connected to the workstation/ notebook and if it is receiving signal from the switch.

    2. Check using the command "ipconfig" to confirm the IP range that the user's machine is in if it is using APIPA address, This will mean the machine can not reach the DHCP server and if the user has an assigned static address try pinging the gateway, DNS,Proxy Server or one of the Domain Controllers.

    3. If all pinged replies successfully check to see the proxy settings through Lan Settings on your Browser.

    4. Depending on the structure of your corporate network you might need to check the mac address (of the user's workstation) on the cisco switches (if used) to find out which VLan is it in and move it to the correct VLan.


    • Oct 15th, 2015

    Try contacting your computers or corporate network for help if you are sill in trouble then contact your local network services


    • Dec 23rd, 2014

    Check Lan Cable Check wether LAn Card is enabled or not? Check the Ip address if it ha ARPA address release the ip address by using comman ipconfig /release and renew by using IPaddress /renew sti...

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