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One of our users, have the error "You are not allowed to view any modules! Please consult the project's administrator".
That user have been worked in test director normally, but since two days ago, have this problem. It's important to say, that the user is located in other building, and he has this error, when he tray to access test director from that building, but when he access test director in the principal building, where is located the test director server, he don't have the problem.
What can I do?

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  • Sep 1st, 2009

This issue is w.r.t Test Director (a.k.a Quality Center) licenses. To resolve the issue you need to request for additional licenses. This issues occurs as all the allocated licenses are in use, as a temporary solution you could ask couple of Users to Log out and then try logging in. You should be able to log in.

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I have experienced this problem on a number of occasions while using Test Director (Quality Center).  The circumstances were different because I was located in the principal building.  We were always asking testers to log out of Test Director so others could access it.  I was not responsible for implementing or managing the Test Director license agreements, so I am not fully aware of the arrangements.  Nevertheless, I suspect the cause of this problem may have something to do with a site license agreement.  If the contract is a site license and the computers on the remote site were not included in the domain of potential target machines, then the system simply won't allow access when users attempt to run the Test Director application on them.  Give these computers access rights and the problem may very likely be resolved.   

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