Jalia is twice older than Qurban

Jalia is twice older than qurban. If jalia was 4 years younger, Qurban was 3 years older their difference between their ages is 12 years. What is the sum of their ages?
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  • Jun 16th, 2008


dono eact method but solved from options...

first check C option...
divide 36 into 3 parts since give that J=2Q...

hence 36/3
if q=12 thn j=24

but if (j-4)-(q+3)=12
ths condition is not satisfied...

now take 57...

divide 57/3

= 19

hence j=38 & q=19

now check condition  (j-4)-(q+3)=12

hence the answer is

B.)  57


  • Nov 8th, 2008

Let Qurban's age be x.
jalia's age=2x
It is given that
had jalia been 4 years youger and qurban 3 yaers older the difference of thier ages would have been 12 years.
If we make an equation, 2x - 4-(x+3)=12
i.e 2x-4-x-3=12
i.e x-7=12
x=12+7=19 years
Qurban's age=19 years
Jalia's age=19*2
                =38 years
Sum of ages =19+38=57 years


  • Mar 1st, 2009

Let j be Jalia'S age and q be Qurban's age.
eq 1 =>    j=2Q
eq 2 =>   (J-4)-(Q+3)=12
       =>    J-Q=19

Sub eq 1 in 2
=> 2q-q=19 ie., Q-19.

sub q=19 in 1

J+Q = 57

Ans (b) 57

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Suppose Qurban is x yrs.  then Jaila is 2x yrs (twice older than Qurban)

If Jaila is 4 yrs younger, Qurban is 3 yrs older then their ages diff is 12 yrs

so (2x-4)- (x+3) = 12
Now we solve it we got x value as 19yrs

So sum of their ages is 38+19 = 57.

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