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How do you reset the users password give the steps it took to get you to the user account.

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  • May 15th, 2008

If its a local account on an XP machine or 2000 you can enter control panel and local users icon to reset accounts. Or enter RUN from Start menu and type lusrmgr.msc to open the applet directly. If the account resides on an active directory server environment then you will need to open the ADUC. You can do this by either drilling down to it from the administration tools menu off the start menu or via control panel or by going to RUN from START menu and entering DSA.msc.


  • May 21st, 2008

right click mycomputer -manage-local users and groups-users-select the user name-right click and click rename-type the name which we wan to use-click ok

1) Run anti-virus apps and clean registry
2) If that did not resolve issue, then reimage HDD
If that still did not resolve issue, then replace either HDD or system board needs to be replaced

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If you don't remember your old password & you want to change your password you have to ask to your administrator to change your password.  Administrator will change your password from Ad server ( Domain Server )

If you know your old password & your environment security & policy can give you rights to cahnge your password yourself, just follow this steps - as you press cltr + alt + del windows security prompt will come on your desktop there is one option to change your  password.

If you are local user ( not domain user ) so follow this steps - right click on my computer - go to user & groups - click on users - & change password of user which user's password you want to change.


  • Jul 3rd, 2009

If its domain environment here all the user accounts info will be maintained with some security Questions add some security measures. By this tool user account can change his/her password every size limit (N0. of days) depends on the Group policy its in the case of Domain Environment we have the facility by the help of browser tool of Organisation.

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  • Jan 28th, 2012

If it is for a domain user go to active directory users and computers. Type username and click search. Below you can see user name. Click mouse right button on user name and click on reset password. Type new password and confirm it by typing again. Check the option user must change password at next logon.

Mohammad Tarique

  • Sep 19th, 2018

-Basically use CTRL+ALT+DEL and click on the Change Password option
-Insert Old Password, New Password and Confirm password
-Second method is Active directory

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