Sending SMS via ASP.NET

How do i send sms's via the program I created using,
or if somebody knows what tolls do i need to create a web application that sends sms's

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Use mCore library use its distributed licence key that is available on net and mind it using of that key is not piracy. there will be manual read it and use the mcore to send SMS using GSM modem and mobile phone(Specific).
Second way is this use the api of SMS Bulk service provider. you just need to buy a bulk they will give you api use it with your web pages.

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  • Feb 8th, 2012

we added web reference to sendsmsworld.asmx in webservicesx .

namespace is;;

sms sm=new sms
string Str11 = txtTo.Text;
string[] str = Str11.Split(new char[] {,});

for (int i = 0; i < str.Length; i++)
string vReturn = str[i];
string body;
body = txtMessage.Text;
sm.graysms(vReturn, body, "", "tablename");
vReturn = "";

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