Sending email with workflow

I'm beginner in peoplesoft.

I'm looking for sending emails with workflow in peoplesoft 8.45



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hi there,

You can send emails in PeopleSoft using function SendMail().
There are arguments for the function

SendMail(&n_MailFlags_l, &s_MailTo_l, &s_MailCC_l, &s_MailBCC_l, &s_MailSubject_l, &s_MailContent_l, &MailFiles, &s_MailTitles_l, &s_MailSender_l);

You need to pass these arguements. It function will return the status of email. If 0 then your mail has been sent successfully else not.

By the way, the SMTP server needs to be configured for this functionality to work


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If you want to send mails through Workflows, then you need to use the objects Business Process.
Under a business process, you define an activity.
Within an activity, you need to define steps, events and email definition.

Using this email definition, you can send across mails through workflow.


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