Tree and Forest

Explain what is meant by a tree and a forest, and how they differ.

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Tree is groups of defferent sites / domain controllers which are connected through high speed network.It has continoues name space.

 Forest is the collection of trees and have same security boundary.

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A tree is a network that any two nodes (servers) are connected by only one path. There are no cycles in this network.

A forest is a network that contains no cycles, and each connected component (i.e. group of servers) is a tree

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Hi friends,
                         Tree creates two types of Child tree and each and every child tree creates grand child's going on 
                        Tree --->2 child tree

We have lot of tree(multiple tree)'s called forest



  • Feb 21st, 2013

A forest is a collection of multiple trees that share a common global catalog, directory schema, logical structure, and directory configuration.
Trees are collections of one or more domains that allow global resource sharing. A tree may consist of a single domain or multiple domains in a contiguous namespace

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