What are the s-party concept? What is there siginificance?

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Vinod Nair

  • Aug 29th, 2007

s-party concept was introduced to help the business layer communicate in the uniform way.

For eg earlier if s_org_ext communicated with s_org_ext thru foreign key primary key relationship. like this there were many objects like account,contact,etc.etc which became more complex to handle so siebel came withe the concept of s_party which act as a central table to all the party table so all the party data is stored in s_party which acts as a central medium for communications.

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  • Aug 26th, 2009

Siebel brought the concept of Party Model which refers to instance of entities that have access to records of "Person Related Entities", "Organization related entities", and "Grouping created to access data".

When i meant Orginization related entites are Accounts, postition, division, and Orginization , when meant by Person related entites was Contact, employee, user and Partner, when meant by Grouping accesscontrol means "Access Group and User list"


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  • Jun 6th, 2010

Party BC segregates the data according to the person based, position  and organization based table.

It has 4 fields:
3) PARTY_TYPE_CD = person/group/org 

S_PARTY acts as a Base table and all the other fields under person / position/ organization acts a extended tables (1:1)

--by Krupa

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