Robbie runs a small supermarket with four available checkout counters.

The supermarket is busiest between 6pm and 7pm each weekday night. One evening, an angry customer stormed out of the supermarket complaining Loudly about the long queue dropping her basket of froddos on the floor as she left. Robbie would like to know if he needs to build a few more checkout counters. you are required to run simulation on the queue length at Robbie's supermarket and advise him on the optimum number of checkouts he should have. Clarify Describe in your words what you to do for this project Include assumption made?

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1) I would first ask the following questions:
a) Besides this customer, has anyone else ever complained about a checkout line being too long?
b) Did this occur over a holiday like Thanksgiving when you would expect more customers?
c) Were the checkout clerks handling customers at a reasonable rate?

2) Next I would study the workflows of checkout clerks, baggers, and stockers to find inefficiencies and mismatched responsibilities.  It is possible that baggers and stockers can be given additional responsibilities to allow checkout clerks to focus on serving customers.

3) I would study the checkout lines between 6pm and 7pm each weekday night while paying particular attention to the attitudes of customers as the checkout lines grow.  At the same time, I would estimate the number of items each customer has and attempt to find a correlation between the number of items they possess and their dispositions.  It is likely that persons with fewer items will be least patient. Over time, I would begin to see patterns and finally determine the optimal maximum number of persons that a line should reach and perhaps discover a need to add an express counter with a optimal maximum limit of items.

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