When to choose EJB?

Server will be heavy loaded :
–Distribution of servers helps to achieve better performance.
Server should have replica for the case of failure of one server:
–Replication is invisible to the programmer
Distributed transactions are needed "
–J2EE server offers transaction monitor that takes care of transaction management.
–Distributed transactions are invisible to the programmer
Other services vs. money :
Weblogic J2EE server ~ 80 000 mk and Jbuilder X Professional Edition ~ 5 000mk

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  • Jun 18th, 2006

EJB is a software part of J2EE Architecture.

When u r choosing any Distributed Application and more over to reduce the complexity to developer,we can choose EJB.

EJB contains set of business methods which are invoking by the client thru Remote and container invokes some middlewares (starting and stoping)--usefull.

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