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Why did you choose software testing?...

If an interviewer asks me " Why did you choose software testing?..." then what should I answer....
Asked by: Jackseen | Member Since Apr-2012 | Asked on: Apr 25th, 2012

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Naresh Kumar

Answered On : May 4th, 2012

According to my opinion Development job is a great job but Testing job is a Divine job. For every project or product before releasing we have to do the testing becoz it will more helpful to the customers.Before testing if we release the product in the market it will harmful to the company as well as the customers

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jhuma panigrahi

Answered On : May 10th, 2012

Both are great in their respective ways but i usually think being a testing engineer requires more skill to handle different situations.They should have the ability to say no to others with valid reason and it requires knowledge as well as guts to face others which usually developers don't do.It is vast and it pushes you to think a situation from different point of view and find out the best among them to mark the product unique in the market.

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Answered On : Nov 9th, 2013

According to my opinion , Testing is the backbone for the software industry. Because, every s/w product release is done after testing only.

By doing testing itself we can judge that the product is free of defects/bugs, and also for the customers satisfaction.

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vivek jadhav

Answered On : Aug 21st, 2014

As per software tester have all domain knowledge of project as compared to developer .

"Prevention is better than cure" i.e if we remove bugs before released we get less maintenance cost for company

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