The top management has feeling that when there are any changes in the technology being used, development schedules etc, it was a waste of time to update the Test Plan. Instead, they were emphasizing that you should put your time into testing than working on the test plan. Your Project Manager asked for your opinion. You have argued that Test Plan is very important and you need to update your test plan from time to time. It’s not a waste of time and testing activities would be more effective when you have your plan clear. Use some metrics. How you would support your argument to have the test plan consistently updated all the time.

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  • Sep 25th, 2007

hi, Test Plan is very important for testing phase.We have to define the metrics in test plan which describes about like all the requirements are covered or not through the test cases it means that we should define the test plan clearly.

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Kalyani you have to understand the question  first. in fact instead of answering the question you have raised the same question once again in a different way.

The question itself demanding the answer with some metrics to defend it.

The answer is, wheather it is the change in the technology being used OR change in the development schedule it should be updated in the test plan. If not the whole concept of preparing the TEST PLAN itself is not usefull. 
 Test plan will also have all the time schedules mentioned in it w.r.t. the development schedules.which means it is highly dependent on the schedules commited by the Development team, so it becomes obvious to update the Test Plan also when there is a change in the Development shcedule to deliver the product in a timely manner.

As we all know the Test Plan is mainly made up of the elements like Testing Environment,Assumptions, Risk, Contigency Plan(mitigation plan),Effort estimation and Schedules,Hence its very obvious to update the Test Plan also for any changes in the Development schedules OR Technology, otherwise a Quality Product cant be delivered as per the schedule.
For any successfull Deliverables proper Planing is most important, and if that plan itself is not properly done (or not properly updated) may end up in a mess.

If someone feels it is not required to Update the TestPlan for any changes w.r.t. changes in Technology and Development Schedules, Then it is not required to go behind  the concept of Test Plan at all.

Planning for any peace of work is very important, if we have a good plan than we can complete the work in right time with quality, even most of the projects and works getting late due to lack of plan.

?Updating a plan is not a waste of time, i think it's just take less than one day as for as my knowledge. I can tell to my PM below factors.

-> If we wanted to share our plan with client then how can we maintain??
-> If our plan was assigned for review by quality peopel then how can we maintain?
-> If our company goes to CMMI certifications and they wanted to see the plans then
???? how can we?maitain?
-> Apart from all?, how can we keep track of the changes given client and all

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  • Aug 27th, 2009

Effort variance, schedule variance can be observed as and when the plan gets updated if the data is updated in the test plan on changes

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It is easy to justify placing time and effort on a test plan and you don't need metrics to do it.  I can think of three compelling reasons.

1) Test plans are reviewed by expert stakeholders who can provide feedback to help improve the test effort. 

2) Test plans keep members of the test group focused on the same process.

3) Test plans save time and effort when internal and external stakeholders ask questions about the test strategy, features to be tested, etc, because the test team can direct these persons to the test plan for answers.


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