Mention some of the steps a project manager takes to ensure quality in project?

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  • Feb 21st, 2007

Quality management is part of Project Plan and need to have Quality assurance, Quality control

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Quality Assurance is a part of every phase and every deliverable of the project. As such, a project manager may take the following steps to ensure a quality project.
1. Quality Assurance Plan
2. Regular reviews of all project deliverables (customer, stakeholder, peer, team) as applicable
3. Test Plans
4. Test Plan reviews
5. Test Plan execution, and monitoring
6. Defect Identification, fixing, regression
7. User Acceptance Plans
8. Clearly defined phase entry and exit criteria
9. Establishing Measurable benchmarks
10. Above all, achieving senior management committment for quality

Quality controll is ensuring that every thing is done as per plan and specification. Firstly we need to study the parameters which comes to play an important role in the quality controll phase. Documentation plays an important role and should be done before the action plan. Documentation of test procedures to be done to ensure qulity to be determined. Quality controll not only saves money it will redude the defects.

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Define business goals
Reduce the amount of paperwork to what is absolutely necessary
Reduce organizational barriers Improve communications
Question if a step in the process is really needed, or if it can be eliminated to make delivery as fast as is practical.
Use efficient decision making


  • Nov 19th, 2014

Proper testing & regular audits will surely help maintain the quality of project

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  • Jan 19th, 2015

Defining the elaborated list of activities to achieve the business goals

Allocating the right resource and duration against the activity

Daily huddle to monitor the status of work

Performing proper testing (UT and SIT), code reviews and regular audits

Performing CAR on the issues reported.

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Prasanna Karandikar

  • Mar 30th, 2016

There are various techniques to determine the quality of a project during development. Some of them are:

Benchmark: Compare the project deliverable with a previous similar activities

Statistical Sampling: identify a set of of samples of deliverables or activities and inspect them to check whether they are within the acceptable variances.

Control charts, Nominal Group technique, Pareto technique, fish bone analysis etc.

All these would provide Quality metrics which would help in analyzing the quality of the project.

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