What are the main objects of a project manager?

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shabeeh siqqiui

  • Dec 26th, 2006

Project Manager main objective are as follows:

1. Plays every important role as stakeholder and with Stakeholder.
2. He has to drive the show in terms of Technical, Financial, Risk Mittigation, & never the less the deliverys.
3. Main moto is to ensure every area of assurance of compliance in terms of delivery.
4. He has to be people's person with pleasent personality.
5. Softskill is another key area of his expertise.
6. Time, Material, Cost, Technology/Performance & Resource is his area of play

Shabeeh Siddiqui

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Mohit Garg

  • Jan 31st, 2007

To ensure that the project output, service or result is delivered within the contraints of cost, schedule, quality and scope.

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From PMI, there are lots of activities needed to be performed by a Project Manager. PM is actually "owner" of the project. He/She has to get involved in every step of project from Initiation till its closure. In between, there are some important activities PM has to do:
1. Prepare Project Plan and its all subsidiary plans like Scope mgmt, Cost mgmt, Quality mgmt, resource mgmt, schedule mgmt plan, risk mgmt plans
2. Keep a close eye on project status and make sure project is on track
3. Keep on finding risks and preparing mitigating strategy.
4. Status reporting to higher mgmt and all other stakeholders

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(I am guessing, the phrase "main objects of" actually means "main objectives of")

The objective and goal of a project manager is to successfully deliver the project.
In order to do so, he or she would have to Plan, Execute, Monitor and control, and Close a project effectively.

The keywords here are "effectively", "successfully" and "deliver". To "effectively deliver" a successful project, the project manager must not only be well versed in handling/running various aspects of the project, but also possess certain soft skills such as - Leadership, Building and maintain relationships, build trustworthy and collaborative environments and communicate with and among cross-functional teams, stakeholders, internal and external customers, and senior management.

Increasingly, many hiring managers are preferring project managers to have great
soft skills and tolerable technical/hard skills to someone with excellent technical/hard skills and poor
soft skills. The reason for this is the realization that, despite all project
disciplines and theories, at the core of it, projects are executed by human beings (individuals). And we require
soft skills to effectively deal with individuals.

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  • Aug 17th, 2015

The Main Object of PM is to deliver the product at right time, right quality and with in the budget.
If you drill down.
The PM should plan the project accurately in respect of Budget, Plan, Schedule, Pro actively identify the issues & risks, Transparency in communication with stakeholders, Be a good peoples manager etc...

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  • Feb 27th, 2017

Project manager is the custodian of the project. He has to act and behave like that. From starting to closure he has full control over the project. Should look after every aspect of the project.

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