Suppose Test Lead or Project Manager is given test cases to execute 300 Test Cases within 3 days. But Because of some Serious Family problem i have to go my native and i have only one and half day time to execute 300 test cases and it is not possible with in one and half day so at that time what you will do ( But here i the person knows well this module Project manager is not ready to give this test to other he is telling to execute me only ) at that time what are the steps u will take any one can explain me

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  • Feb 12th, 2007

hai! i do risk analysis. through that i choose high priority of test cases. i will use regression testing if automated tools are in the organization.

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If I understand correctly, you are not leaving immediately.  You plan to test over the next day and a half and then leave to attend to your family issues.  First, I would ask you if you wanted to leave immediately.  Your family issue is certainly more important than your test responsibilities. 

What is my role in this scenario?  Am I a Test Lead?  If so, I would discuss the issue with our Test Manager and work out a solution.  My plan would be to extend the business day over the next few days and ask other testers if they would like to help us execute your test cases.  I would probably decide to handle your re-tests and regressions myself.

Then I would ask the other testers if they would help me execute your test cases.   Depending on the number of testers who agree, I will recover some to nearly all of the lost hours and it will likely be possible to execute your entire test suite. 

Then I would inform the Project Manager of our plans and let him know that we will likely be finished executing your test cases over the next few days.  I will also tell him that you are leaving soon to attend to your family issue. 

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