Test KYC (Know Your Customer) Form

As a tester how or in what way will you test the KYC form in the banking application?
How will you develop the test case for the same?

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My response to the question assumes the Know Your Customer (KYC) Form is delivered on a web page via a secured network after a person has signed in and registered.

In general, I would do the following:

1) Gain domain knowledge of the banking industry
2) Learn how the organization does business
3) Study the requirements of the KYC (Know Your Customer) form
4) Create a test plan and facilitate a test plan review with expert stakeholders
5) Create test cases

1) Functional testing
2) GUI testing
3) Accessibility testing
4) Security testing
5) Usability testing
6) Concurrency testing
7) State management testing
8) Database testing
9) Compatibility testing
10) Performance testing
11) Load testing
12) Localization testing
13) End-to-end testing

Stress testing

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