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Differentiate between Static and Dynamic testing...with example please... thanks and regards

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: May 3rd, 2006
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Answered On : May 3rd, 2006

Software testing is a process of analyzing or operating software for the purpose of finding bugs.According to the definition, testing can involve either "analyzing" or "operating" software. Test activities that are associated with analyzing the products of software development are called static testing. Static testing includes code inspections, walkthroughs, and desk checks. In contrast, test activities that involve operating the software are called dynamic testing. Static and dynamic testing complement one another, and each type has a unique approach to detecting bugs.

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Answered On : May 3rd, 2006

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Static: Document review, inspections, reviewsDynamic: Build testing/testing code/testing application

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Answered On : May 8th, 2006

Static testing:Non-execution based testing is called static testing.ex:unit testing, system testing...Dynamic testing:Execution based Testing is called dynamic testingEx: Walkthrough, reviews, inspection

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Dileep Kumar

Answered On : May 8th, 2006

Static Testing : It is the process of testing the application code(and/or related documents) with out running it, it can be code review, walk through etc.Dynamic Testing : It is the process of testing the application/code by running it. (ie black box testing).

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Answered On : May 8th, 2006

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1: Static testing is about prevention, dynamic testing is about cure.2: The static tools offer greater marginal benefits.3: Static testing is many times more cost-effective than dynamic testing.4: Static testing achieves 100% statement coverage in a relatively short time, while dynamic testing often often achieves less than 50% statement coverage, because dynamic testing finds bugs only in parts of the code that are actually executed.5: Dynamic testing usually takes longer than static testing. Dynamic testing may involve running several test cases, each of which may take longer than compilation.6: Static testing can be done before compilation, while dynamic testing can take place only after compilation and linking.7: Static testing can find all of the followings that dynamic testing cannot find: syntax errors, code that is hard to maintain, code that is hard to test, code that does not conform to coding standards, and ANSI violations.

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Answered On : Oct 31st, 2006

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Sorry Mr srinivasan im mnot agreeing with ur answer Unit testing System testing etc these are all comes under Dynammic testing Walkthroughs,inspections and reviews are comes under static testing

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Answered On : Mar 6th, 2007

Static Testing          : Testing the application when it's not being executed                                   Ex : GUI Testing, Data Base Testing.Dynamic Testing     : Testing the application when it's being executed                                   Ex :  Functionality of application.

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Answered On : Nov 6th, 2007

Verification is static technique for static technique we do not need computer. Validation is Dynamic technique for this we need computer, which include testing and prototyping

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Answered On : Jan 13th, 2008

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Static testing: Analysis of a program carried out with out executing a programdyamic testing: the process of evaluting a system or component based upon its behavior during execution

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Answered On : Jan 20th, 2008

Static Testing - Code is examined without being executed. Eg. Code Inspections, Reviews and walk-through. Dynamic Testing - Code is executed and tested without necessarily being examined. Eg. Black box Testing.

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Static testing:checking the right product .it is  the verification portion of the varification and validationDynamic testing:checking whether the product is is  the validation portion of the varification and validation

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Static testing refers to any testing of source code.  Examples are unit tests and  integration tests. Dynamic testing refers to testing the dynamic behavior of an application over time by introducing inputs and verifying outputs.  Examples of dynamic testing are functional tests and volume tests. 

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