What is CRS,SRS & FS? and When & who will prepare this?

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  • Apr 28th, 2006

CRS is the customer Requirement Specification which is given by the customer. when the customer gives the requirements to the developer in the form of a document it is called CRS.

Functional Specification is called FS which means how the software should work? It deals with the functionalities.


  • May 13th, 2006

SRS is software requirement specification.

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  • May 22nd, 2006

CRS ( customer requirement specifications) is a document which consists of requirements of customer in their words only. This is the first stage of development process which can be given by the customer.SRS(software requirement specifications) is also an document which consists of requirements of customer in techinical words and softwares required to test the application. this is prepared by the analyst after receiving the CRS.FS(functional specifications) which is a part of SRS deals about the functionalities of the application.


  • Jan 1st, 2018

CRS (Customer Requirement Specifications) which is given by the customer. When the customer gives the requirement, developer converts it into a document format called as CRS.

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