Accenture Technical Interview Questions

1. Tell about your project.
2. Explain software development life cycle
4. What are your areas of interest in computer field
5. Explain memory management in Operating System.
6. Examples of Unix basic commands
7. Explain Doubly Linked List.
8. Write Fibonacci series and palindrome program in C.
9. Explain compiler design phases.
10. Explain TCP & IP and OSI Model.
11. Explain OOPS concepts.

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  • Sep 1st, 2006

1. current Project name, client, environment, technology.

description of the project, u r roles & responsibilities in that project, testing handled (i.e., manual/automation), bugs u found.

2. Analysis, designing, coding, testing & maintenance.

4. testing because we can learn more to work with new environments.

5. no idea

6. didn't worked with unix. But be prepare some basic commands like copy, move, make directory, delete, paste, etc.,


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