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1.Why is Advanced Microdevice(AMD) is so popular for Graphics
2.What is the diff between the Intel and and processors
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  • Jul 30th, 2006

         The modern AMD Processor contain  Multi-thearded Graphics drivers which support for higher multi-color processing capabilities along with Display Deployed Processing unit like Systems

           Many-a-times these(AMD) processors are more efficient before Intel

atleast in speed comparision n much more things with a drawback that (AMD-64bit PRO) does not support 32-bit operations (Specially some of the WIN-XP Services)


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goutam saha

  • Nov 9th, 2006

because ,it' s really works rapidlly.and the pixcells are allmost closer than AMD graphics so populer.

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  • Jan 6th, 2016

1. The cost factor: AMDs sell cheaper than Intel processors
2. Overclocking: AMDs are much more consistent when overclocked compared to the Intels
3. Gaming Performance: AMD sells its CPUs as APUs i.e. they integrate the Radeon graphics which gives good low-end gaming whereas Intels CPUs are on-die integrated graphics whose performance isnt at par with AMD. But again the concept of bottlenecking plagues the AMDs more, Intels can give more performance out of your high end graphics card when compared to its AMD counterparts.
4. Power Efficiency: The AMD processors are slowly matching up to Intel in terms of performance but consumes a lot of power.

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