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What are the three measures in common use in Quality?

Skill/Topic: Statistical Process Control
A) The Three Measures of Common use in Quality Control is Mean, Median and Mode
Explanation: The three commonly used measures in quality control are Mean (also called as Average), Median (is the value that divides a series of ordered observations so that the number of items above it equals to the number below it) and Mode (is the value that occurs with the highest frequency).
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Dec 8th, 2005
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Answered On : Dec 16th, 2006

The Three Measures of Common use in Quality Control is Mean, Median and Modesudhakar kolla,Email

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The three measures (commonly known as 3-m) in Quality areMEANMEDIANMODE

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1) Mean - average2) Mode - most often3) Median - middleI'll add one more:4) Range -  the difference between highest and least value

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