Infosys Placement Paper annd Interview Pattern Submitted by Shruthi subramanya 

1) there are three persons, some names given all of them said that " i am not the thief, the other two are the thief". if one person lies who is the thief?

2)if there are two new temperature scales like celisius and farenheit called A and B if 14 degree in A is equal to 36 in B and 133 in A is equal to 87 degree in B. then when are the two temperatures same?

3) there is a person who leaves his house at 3Pm and walks on a plain gnd at a speed of 4kph the climbs the hill at 3kmp comes down at 6kph again walks the gnd at 4kph reaches home at 9pm then what is the one way distance he travels?

4) there are three persons ina spaceship, one is boi chemist one is pilot, some conditions are given where you have to find the pilot. this was a bit tricky one.

5)there are 2 display cases left and right cases where 7 gems are to be displayed namely ruby,opal,sapphaire,amythyst,garnet,diamond,emrald. in each case three are to be displayed, some conditions are given

a) amythyst always in the left case

b) diamond always in the right case

c) ruby cant be placed with the diamond and garnet

d) emrald and sappihre are always to be placed in the same case

then three questions

one was what can be placed in left case

next was what can be placed in right case

what can be placed with diamond

options are given for this question.

6) there are two watches started at the same time if A runs such that it runs 1 min fast every hr and B runs 2 mins slow every hr. then after how many hrs is the diffrence between two watches is 60 mins?

7) if there are 100 pieces ina jig-jag puzzel then each move is 2 pieces moved then how many moves are required to complete the puzzel.



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