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I have given info about my ISRO interview in my previous mail i am pasting it again here for reference. Some more questions all of which which was not asked to me but very important for interview because they were repeated for many candidates even on different dates. So i am listing them here
V. IMPORTANT: can this equation be solved tell verbally? x+y=5    ; 4x+4y=12; x+2y+3Z=20 .Answer: no solution since first two are contradicting so not possible
V. IMPORTANT: SQRT(170)=13 is it possible? Answer: it is possible the base may be other then 10 . We can find out the base let it be x. Then convert both side to decimal we get SQRT(x2 +7x+0)=x+3     => x2+7x=(x+3)2 => x=9 so for base 9 it is possible here "x2 etc means x square"
difference between array and structure
code for reversing link list (normal link list not doubly)


Mostly interview is on basics not deep into subject
In CS at Ahmedabad On 12 Sept only one out of 37 was asked about the project but on 13 everybody was asked about project
They are asking some very basic questions from Digital like K-map solving , gates etc
Generally DBMS was not asked

There were 8 person in panel and only one panel was there. there was a long round table between candidate and interviewers so we have to explain everything on board.

they asked about GATE score card ,percentile, why did not went for M.Tech. If you are doing M.Tech. or Job they may ask questions in your specialization

tell about your project

then some questions regarding project

favourite subjects ( I said DSA, C and DBMS . I didn't said OS because for OS they were asking w.r.t. Linux. In CN they may also ask general about Network Security ,firewall, encryption etc. CA include Digital, Microprocessor etc)

they are giving everybody a question from mathematics to solve on board, mostly to find the rank of matrix, solving linear equation (some tricky which can be answered without solving it properly) or probability.

They may give a K - Map to solve on board

In C(i told C as My favourite subject) they ask me about extern, static, linking, global variables, run time library , exit etc.

In DSA they ask me about expression evaluation infix ,postfix, how expression is evaluated etc

solve the equation x+y=5    ; 4x+4y=12; x+2y+3Z=20 .Answer: no solution since first two are contradicting so not possible

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  • Aug 31st, 2006

i saw for your question it is possible let you assume for equtionx+y+0z =5;x+5y+0z=16;4x+4y+6z=20;then you can solve the three equtioh for point of intersection method you will find out for x,y,z values

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  • May 5th, 2007


I finished B.E Electrical and Electronics in the year 2006.
The question paper for electronics stream,
1. Basic Electronics ie, Resistance in parllel, and in different connections
2. About wave's
3. Digital Electronics.

But most of the questions are taken from the GATE question papers only.

Thanking you

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  • Oct 4th, 2018

No, I dont think this is the valid question. The first and second expression give x+y=5 & x+y=3., which is not possible.

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