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mayank gokarna

  • Jul 12th, 2005

i want to know the selection procedure and openings in ADOBE for engg. gradutes.presently i m in final yr. B.Tech {electronics}


  • Jul 27th, 2005

i want to konw the procedure for selection of 
software test engineer and also the openings for software test engineers.


  • Aug 4th, 2005

I want to know the selection procedure for developers with 1 year experience in RnD.

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  • Aug 4th, 2005

okay, as a former manager in adobe, i can list down the attributes that adobe look for in a candidate : 
a. Excellent technical skills. Be prepared to take a grilling technical tests on quant, anal, c,c++/java or testing domains. Adobe values technical skills highly and even managers have to take this test. The idea behind test is to check knowledge of basic computer science concepts, data structures, graphics domain etc. 
b. Be prepared for at least 4 rounds of technical interview, each lasting 1 hour.; apart from 1 hour HR round. you will be tested for your knowledge of data structure, networking, basic OS, Comp Sci concepts, programming skills. There will be a few puzzles to test your analytical ability. 
c. And of course, adobe will quiz you about your cv, experience in previous companies, college projects, academics etc. etc.  
d. If you can demonstrate positive attitude, with deep technical skillset , flair to think innovatively and long-term career goals with adobe, then you will, absolutely, make it. 
Best of Luck 


  • Aug 24th, 2005

I need a little viewon Adobe written questions that contains........ 
The tests will cover following areas:- 
(1) Quantitative Aptitude (30 Minutes) 
(2) Analytical Aptitude (15 Minutes), 
(3) Quality Test Paper ( 45 Min) - s/w testing concepts 

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Mr Lonely

  • Feb 5th, 2006


I just attended the paper by adobe

1. analytical part : 15 qs in 15 min..most are like if this is written as 13234243 what will be that written as ....and qs like a doctor can go to 4 clinics on each day..and various conditions given..then 2-3 questions..........based on it

2. quant part : 30 questions in 30 min..easy ones ..some conditions...qs based on which of these 2 quantities is greater..........given some conditions.......

3. testing part if u giving for QE........

10-15 obj qs on testing avg........


some scenario write test cases

shud developers test ? write 3 in favor reasons and 2 against

what is severity and priority of bugs? give examples.....

prashant nakil

  • May 13th, 2006

hey there ppl,
well i appeared for the Adobe test today in my campus today ie. 12-05-06, n it was the same as mentioned above.
the Quanti was very easy..but requires fast solving ability, involves basic Geometry, algebra and Percentages n ratios etc.
the analytical problems were not that difficult too.
there were about (15 + 30) objective questions..then came the subjective?

some questions like?
1) diff bet char a[]=?123″;
char *a = ?123″;
2) whats the problem with the function

int function(int x)
return(x*function (x-1));
3) some basic c syntax

then the Programs.

some C programs worth mentioning would be:

1) finding height of a binary tree
2) Displayin the fibonacci series (with recursion)
3) Flippin the 20th bit of a number
4) Flippin all the Odd bits of a number
5) ATOI() function
6) prdict the output of the following program :
***** some program (mainly recursion)
7)program to find if mc is little endian or big endian.
8)program to generate the mirror of the binary tree
8) program to swap two linked list nodes.
9) calculate the complexity of
*****some code****

enjoy the test ..
==> focus on the aptitude
==> focus on algorithms instead of codes

have fun
Prashant Pravin Nakil


  • May 19th, 2006

I have jst attened the written test for Adobe and feel pleased to inform you that i have cleared the exam as well as the interview. I joined Adobe, Noida few days back. Hope this help you all in clicking Adobe. If any one of you want me to forward your resume you can send it to me on "".
There were four section:
1. Aptitude: They had fairly simple arithmatic question, questions on geometry and questions like whether information can be deduced from the comments given. It was fairly easy and jst u need to have basic clear.
2. Analytical: Questions like pattern matching, odd one out were there.
Be careful while attempting these two sections that u wont be having much time.
Before u know the time is over.
3. Computers: This paper is mostly from the topics u cover in B.Tech.
there was one question on finite automata,Bit manipultaion(flipping the bits),
drawing the tree given preorder and inorder traversal, finding the formula for N-ary tree
to fine number of external nodes.
4. C/Java: Here u had to write C programs(Mind u no mutiple questions).There was one question to write program to search a string from bigger string, write  a algorithm to compute X^n which is of complextity log n, implement atoi function.(U cannot use any standard function in these.)
Hope this help u in cracking Adobe.
if u still need any help u can get back to me.


  • May 23rd, 2006

hi there

i cleared the first round of Adobe test and am clueless about the interview procedure please guide i m appearing for the testing domain.

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  • Jun 12th, 2006

Planning to attend a Manager Level interview at Adobe, want to know the experience around it and how is the working culture. Also any pointers to a list of questions one should refresh would be great.

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  • Jun 14th, 2006

hi akash,

congratulations for cracking adobe...

i am pleased to inform u that i too have been shortlisted for the interview...

can u pls gimme a round about idea as to how is this round like and wat kind are questions would be asked...

Any information from you will be of grest use to me..

Pls revert,

thanking you in advance,


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  • Jun 15th, 2006

Hi i appeared for the adobe test some time back and cleared the tst so have been called for the interview.. I attended three consecutive rounds of technical interview, and the HR told me that I will be expecting more rounds of experience, then in the evening i got a mail from the hr saying that, presently they are not counducting any further rounds of interview wiht me , they want to screen more guys for the post, incase my of my candidature they will call me..Can any body tell me what i shoudl figure from this..

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  • Jul 7th, 2006

Hi Simran, How did your interview go, kindly tell about any thing you got to know about the interview, it's urgent.

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  • Jul 27th, 2006


I am have applied as Manager role in the Adobe, would really appreciate if you could let me know in details, how the interview questions are framed so that it would help me atuning to them.


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  • Sep 20th, 2006

Hey Amita

I am also goin to appear in Adobe Testing domain written test .Congrats for clearing the paper. Can u help me in wat kind of questions were asked in Testing specially?


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  • Sep 26th, 2006


Wht happened ? Anita did u clear yr other much exp u have..

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  • Oct 4th, 2006

I have been called by Adobe for an interview for Program Manager role.

It would be really great if someonw can let me know what type the interview will be? Will it be mainly on technical type or it will be based on experience.




  • Oct 11th, 2006

HI,i want to konw the procedure for selection of software test engineer and also the openings for software test engineers.WHAT WILL BE THE SELECTION CRITERIA IF A TEST ENGINEER WITH 6 MONTHS EXPERIENCE

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  • Oct 11th, 2006


 I am going to take adobe testing interview. plz anybody help me to get a latest interview question.

 Plz its very argent. for me interview on 15th October 06

 plz help me in this regard. i am really strugling for the past three years to get into a big company.



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  • Oct 30th, 2006

What would be the kind of questions in Adobe for QA, if its a Telephonic call?

Please reply..its urgent

Thanks in advance


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  • Oct 30th, 2006


 vijayan how was ur interview ?

give me some idea about written and interview for testing domain in adobe




  • Nov 7th, 2006

I took the Adobe written test for QA position on 29 Oct but havnt got any news form their side yet... how much time do they take to reciprocate? can anybody help?

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  • Dec 15th, 2006

Hi guys, I underwent Adobe's written and interview procedure a couple of weeks before ( i.e., Nov, 2006 ) The written was almost simple. We are expected the basic mathematical knowledge, Analytical and Programming skills. There had been a lot of reviews on the written test. Refer, which has an exhaustive information about the written test and I would rather not repeat the same here. The interview process as anybody would say, is hectic and there were 2 rounds for 4 hours !! They mainly wanted to test my problem solving skills, technical knowledge, basic programming concepts, algorithms, etc., * Puzzles The puzzles were well known puzzles. 1. There are 50 red and 50 blue balls. Arrange them in 2 baskets, such that the probability of getting a blue ball is more 2. How many paths are there when you move from (0,0) to (n,n) in the 1st quadrant of the graph, provided the constraint that you can move either one step above or one step right at any point of time. 3. Two equal similar threads ( not the computer process related thread, its physical thread ) having different burning rate at different lengths are given. It takes 1 hour to burn out each thread. Measure 45 minutes * Programming concepts 1. As obvious, we will be drilled with pointers and pointers of pointers 2. Memory allocation and de-allocation ( I was asked to write a function and memory handling concepts were discussed, as where memory allocation has to be done, where it has to be freed and why ?. . . . . . ) 3. Scope of variables ( eg. returning a local variable, etc., ) 4. Given a function, I was asked to generate test cases 5. There were a couple of questions from Java as whats inheritance, why multiple inheritance not possible in Java, rather in C++. Advantages of this and how its implemented in Java. Garbage collection in Java, why not in C++ how to implement it in C++ and how it is done in Java 6. What are xml databases ? whats the difference between this and the relational databases and how will you map them etc., * Algorithms 1.Array of numbers were given. They wanted me to arrange the numbers within the array in different patterns say, first 5 numbers as the last 5 and vice versa. Ascending order, descending order, biggest number first and next biggest at last and so on so that you will get the minimum number in the middle.. For all these you can use temporary variables ( 1 or 2 ) and not any temporary arrays 2. How will you find an existence of loop in an infinite length of a linked list 3. How will you find an existence of intersection in given 2 linked list These are some of the questions that I remember now. Anyways even if I have missed some, they were of this sort only. If the fundamentals are strong, you can make up the interview. All the best


  • Jan 25th, 2007

Hi Naveen,I am being called for Program Manager interview in coming Monday(29-Jan). Since you might have already gone through this , Please help me in understanding the process and type of question being asked.I would very much appreciate your help. This will help me to relocating to Delhi side from Bangalore.1. To start with, do I have to go through any written test? like aptitude test etc.2. How many rounds of interview takes place? who are they and What are their role in organisation?3. Do they ask any technical question on C++/Java etc.4. Is this a project management position with technical touch or a project co-ordination activities.5. any other thing that i should know and watch for it?Thanks againRegardsJha Raj

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  • Feb 3rd, 2007

Hi,I attended Adobe interview recently, after completing 1 written test there were 4 technical rounds same day, I was called next day for 2 more rounds.I had 1 technical round and was told HR round will follow, after some time I was told HR person is busy will contact later for the interview.Evening I recevied two mails, 1. For written test again and followed by another mail saying will evaluate other candidates. when I replied I already had written test then, I got mail saying re-appear for written test.The interview process is too long, and it doesnt seem to be like going up in level's.Each interviewer seems to be not having what the earlier interviewer rated. its bad.If you have good time to spend or jobless attend Adobe interview, its just waste of time and money.They have many interviewers it seems.-:) Raj

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  • Apr 14th, 2007

I just attended the test today for QE. It was OK. QE objectives questions were good, u should know about regreesion, functionality, black box etc to answer those. Then there were subjective questions like
1) Write 10 test cases for a program to increment an entered date in mm/dd/yyyy format by 1 day, the conditions are

2) Write 5 reasons for not fixing a bug

3) A student database got a table with 2 columns, one for name (after 30 char, truncate) and class (1 to 10).

 Following r the 3 operations u can perform:
When a student joins, insert the record
When a studenr leaves, delete the record
When a student passes, increment the class
Write 5 test cases for the above

4) Write the bug report for the following problem in a spread sheet application that does data sorting in both ascending and descending way. Problem is that descending sorting is not working for a particular column 99.

And then there were aptitude questions. Quantitives were easy. there was one data interpretationg based Q and then there were analutical Qs which were time consuming. By the time u could solve one, time would have got over :(

All the best folks!!!


  • Oct 2nd, 2012

Even I gave written on same date.but havnt got a response till now.

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  • Oct 31st, 2012

what are the chances of getting rejected in selection meet of adobe as i have tld tht there will be ne selection meet ?

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