Procedure Vs Function

Explain when do we use a Procedure and when do we prefer using functions.

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  • Feb 10th, 2018

Procedure and function both are db objects..both will be stored as pre-compiled objects in our db.. the major difference is

1) Procedure may or may not return a value..but function must return a value in calling area

2) We can execute functions with select statement.where as procedure we can't execute with select statement

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Mabula Shaik

  • Aug 18th, 2018

We can add few more points,
Those points are:
1) procedure can allow select as well as DML statements in it,
Where as function can allow only select statements.
2) a function can be called in procedure but a procedure cant be called in functions.
3) procedure can have both input and output parameters
Where as function can have only input parameters.

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