Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector? 

Link Partitioner : It actually splits data into various partitions or data flows using various
partition methods .

Link Collector : It collects the data coming from partitions, merges it into a single data flow
and loads to target. 

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server jobs mainly execute the jobs in sequential fashion,the ipc stage as well as link partioner and link collector will simulate the parllel mode of execution over the sever jobs having single cpu Link Partitioner : It receives data on a single input link and diverts the data to a maximum no.of 64 output links and the data processed by the same stage having same meta dataLink Collector : It will collects the data from 64 inputlinks, merges it into a single data flowand loads to target. these both r active stagesand the design and mode of execution of serverjobs has to be decidead by the designerregardsjagan mail for further asisitence

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