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What bugs are mainly come in webtesting what severity and priority we are giving

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Aug 12th, 2005

Answered by: QA on: Oct 13th, 2014

1. Load issue
2. Stress Issue.
3. Wrong page navigation.
3. Error 404.
4. Page blocked.

Answered by: Ganesh on: Jul 10th, 2014

Performance Issue(Speed)

How to test the video chat or testcase for video chat

Asked By: aarthysatheesh | Asked On: May 6th, 2013

Answered by: QA on: Oct 13th, 2014

1. First E-mail is or account should be login. 2. All user should be display on-line. 3. Green dot should be visible when user is active or red mark for off line status. 4. During connecting each othe...

Answered by: Raja Nepolion Nandy on: Jul 25th, 2014

Test case scenarios: 1. Video calling icon should display when another users are online with webcam. 2. Clicking on video calling icon should connect to the particular person with calling ring tone an...

Browser compatibility testing

Asked By: sundeep.dasyam | Asked On: May 15th, 2012

What are the typical defects identified through browser compatibility testing?

Answered by: Gayatri on: Oct 8th, 2014

UI issues : text cut, text color, missing symbols, overlap issues, cutting texts
performance issues
flash (game ) site does not open on IE 8 but visible properly on other browsers
navigation issues

Answered by: JOE ANTONY on: Sep 26th, 2012

1.Content Mismatch
2.Inappropriate Response

Ie cross browser testing

Asked By: AJ0512 | Asked On: Mar 27th, 2013

How to test for a ie 8,9,10 in the same environment for cross browser testing?

Answered by: Komathi on: Aug 9th, 2014

Need to check in IE version,k Google chrome and Firebox. Bcos some of the functionality will not support Firebox.

Answered by: satya on: Aug 2nd, 2014

Press F12 (developer tools) choose Document mode and Browser mode. ie., Browser mode - IE 8, Document mode IE 8 similarly for IE 9.

For IE-10, Browser mode - IE 10 and Document mode - Standards

Shopping cart testing question

Asked By: desomond70 | Asked On: Mar 16th, 2007

Customer visits a on-line market customer adds items to shopping cart while in their shopping cart customer clicks on check out .At the check out the customer is a returning customer's they logins are turning customer.At this time all the items the shopping cart is empty and they got a warning that there...

Answered by: Ranjeet on: Mar 19th, 2014

Of Course this is a bug but it may happen for some specific browsers only like IE 9, 10 etc.

Answered by: mathan_vel on: Mar 23rd, 2009

By Sure it ia Bug. Which means the Cart is not remembering the repository one the session ended. Teh Cart Value remain same untill the Check out proces successfully succeed. Its priority is "High"

How would you do Javascript testing?

Asked By: starabbu81 | Asked On: Apr 20th, 2011

Answered by: bala on: Feb 1st, 2014

Java script is used for client side validations,the testable objects or web page fields have to raise error messages ,without involvement of server system,

Jmeter testing tool

Asked By: mfsi_chinmayb | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2012

I am logging in as 100 user using jmeter tool. Do I need to send all the threads to the server with different username and password? how is it working???

Answered by: glinius on: Nov 20th, 2013

Its better to use different username and password for each session. In addition I would suggest to add at least HTTP Cookie Manager (

Answered by: mfsi_chinmayb on: Apr 9th, 2012

There arises two case As you can login to your application with same credential from different browser from the same machine .So we can do for 100 users with the same credentials if we want to check ...

Client/sever application testing

Asked By: GPPRAKASH51 | Asked On: Sep 18th, 2011

How will client/server application affect the testing?

Answered by: Vinisha on: Nov 7th, 2013

During the testing of the client/server application tester need to consider below points: 1.Verify the response time from server and client. 2.Verify that the data entered from the client side must be...

Cross browser testing

Asked By: AJ0512 | Asked On: Mar 27th, 2013

Can we do cross browser testing manually or it can be automated?

Answered by: Nandini pai on: Aug 6th, 2013

Both manual and Automation

How to check whether your website is secure or not?

Asked By: mylife | Asked On: Jul 7th, 2011

Hi guys,can anybody give the answer asked by an interviewer to me "how we will check whether our website is secure or not?"

Answered by: sudhir on: Apr 17th, 2013

Web Security testing is a very vast topic. There are different levels in it. Fore e.g. DB testing , Protocol testing, Penetration testing, etc. Simple answer- We should see to it that our data is pas...

Answered by: AJ0512 on: Mar 18th, 2013

At the top of your internet browser , Check if this website address starts with "http://" or whether it starts with "https://".if the page does start with https:// then the website is in a secure area...

What are the various error we get while requesting for a web page ?

Asked By: Vimal Dhasmana | Asked On: Apr 14th, 2012

Answered by: AJ0512 on: Mar 18th, 2013

The webpage cannot be found (HTTP 400) -- Make sure the address is correct and try again. The website declined to show this webpage (HTTP 403) -Check to be sure you have a correct address. If its a...

Answered by: nbhavani20 on: Jan 23rd, 2013

Page cannot be displayed.

How to test browser compatibility testing

Asked By: jayasima | Asked On: Dec 11th, 2005

Answered by: mfsi_chinmayb on: May 4th, 2012

Browser compatibility asks the tester to test the web application in every possible browser in their every possible versions .

Answered by: swapnilkude on: Jul 27th, 2010

As per my web testing experiance.We can test the compability on different  broweser by making the checklist of functionality and GUIs. While carrying the testing we have to check all the points i...

What is usability testing in web testing?

Asked By: cgajanan | Asked On: Jul 20th, 2007

Designers should always remember that the experience of the user in their website mustbe as pleasant as possible. How the user interacts with the website is very important.There may be cases when the user is someone very familiar with website browsing butnot necessarily a testing expert.There are standards...

Answered by: mfsi_chinmayb on: Apr 16th, 2012

Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct i...

Answered by: Bina Sarmah on: Nov 18th, 2011

1. Test for navigation: Web site should be easy to use. Instructions should be provided clearly. Main menu should be provided on each page. It should be consistent. 2. Content checking: Content ...

How do you access perticular row/column from a web page by using QTP?

Asked By: rajesh | Asked On: Jul 23rd, 2007

Answered by: SurajKumarPatra on: Mar 29th, 2012

  1. rowNum=Browser("name:=.*").Page("title:=.*").WebTable("name:=Aston Martin").GetRowWithCellText("Tata")
  2. msgbox rowNum
  3. colNum=Browser("name:=.*").Page("title:=.*").WebTable("name:=Aston Martin").ColumnCount(rowNum)
  4. msgbox colNum

Answered by: mathan_vel on: Mar 23rd, 2009

This can be done through by Webtable functionGeneral syntax is Browser("Browser Name").Page("Page Name").WebTable("Table name").GetRowWithCellText("N")define t...

Vb script to close the browser

Asked By: nagesh.vbs | Asked On: Oct 3rd, 2011

We have 5 ie browsers to be opened and I want close 3rd ie browser by using vb script ?

Answered by: Srinivas P on: Feb 2nd, 2012

If we have opened 5 yahoo IE browser then Using descriptive programming, we can close the 3rd browser with below code: browser("title:=Yahoo.*", "creationtime:=2").close Here we are using ordinal ide...

Cross browser testing tools

Asked By: bhagya.kkm | Asked On: Jul 28th, 2011

Cross browser testing and software or utilities that can be used to take screen shots of multiple browsers when submitted website url: do any one used any tool/utility for the below purpose while testing web applications on different browsers? Please send me details if you are using any tool/utility...

Answered by: mithr17 on: Oct 14th, 2011

In my previous company, I was evaluating a bunch of open source and commercial tools and we zeroed on "cross browser testing" online tool. The beauty is it supports 100+ browsers including desktop an...

When testing web applications?

Asked By: Santhoshi Kotha | Asked On: Sep 26th, 2011

Do you have web testing experience? Describe something a tester should keep in mind when testing web applications?

Answered by: mithr17 on: Oct 13th, 2011

Lets not get into "if I have experience" (which I do anyways). To answer the second part of your question - 1. UI testing : look and feel of the website tops the list 2. Functional testing : if a...

Answered by: Sapna Manchalwar on: Oct 12th, 2011

Yes , i have experience of web testing application. Following are the points to keep in mind by the tester :- Firstly tester should keep in mind the software development life cycle and all testing ...

What are the typical problems in web testing?

Asked By: Mann | Asked On: Jan 30th, 2006

Answered by: jhuma on: Sep 18th, 2011

1. Broken links
2. Pages don't render properly with some os and browsers
3. Long time taken for page rendering
4. Web page design doesnt meet requirements
5. Feeds dont work properly
6. Cookies don't work properly
7. CSS/HTML validation hasn't happened properly
8. Concurrency issue

Answered by: kurtz182 on: Nov 30th, 2009

The following are some of the typical problems discovered through web testing.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.1) Pages on the website are not properly validated and do not ...

In n tier architecture what are the factors should be considered for testing?

Asked By: mrgreekgod | Asked On: Feb 28th, 2006

Answered by: Mohd Faeem Ansari on: Jul 13th, 2011

I would like like to say that In N tier architecture ,load testing,browser testing,compatible testing and functional testing are mandatory factor,

Answered by: suhana17 on: Jun 22nd, 2011

In an n-tier architecture the testing is little complex as the tester don't have much control over the application.-Browser Compatibility Testing: Test application on different browsers (eg:IE, firefo...

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