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DataBase Testing Interview Questions

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What is database testing?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 10th, 2005

Answered by: kritee on: Sep 26th, 2014

Database testing is nothing but impact on db with respect to impact on front end users operation.

Answered by: Pawan Kumar Singh on: Jun 5th, 2012

Database testing involves the tests to check the exact values which have been retrieved from the database by the web or desktop application. Data should be matched correctly as per the records are stored in the database.

Now suppose I have 50 records of employee table.1) I want to find the person who is having 22nd highest salary.2)i want to delete a person with postion number 39 with comminsion < 1003) update rec no 45records...

Asked By: Sriharsha | Asked On: May 29th, 2006

Answered by: neha lakhani on: Jul 20th, 2014

Employe2 mains emp2 salary < compar to emp1 salary

Answered by: Akhillesh kumar on: Jun 15th, 2014

Ans 1> I want to find the person who is having 22nd highest salary.


Write a query to find the second largest value in a given column of a table

Asked By: Thiagu1978 | Asked On: Feb 21st, 2006

Answered by: Akhilesh kumar on: Jun 15th, 2014



Answered by: Chetana on: Jun 18th, 2013

Select MAX(value) from TABLE WHERE value < ( Select MAX(value) from TABLE)

Data redundancy and data consistency

Asked By: parth1516 | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2010

How will you check data redundancy and data consistency using SQL queries?

Answered by: sandesh mastake on: Apr 23rd, 2013

Data redundancy means youre checking for duplication. In order to make that check, you need to determine what signifies a duplicate within the table to which you are referring. There is not a single q...

Database testing roles and responsibilities

Asked By: | Asked On: Oct 19th, 2012

What are the exact roles and responsibilities of a database tester?

Answered by: Bina Sarmah on: Nov 15th, 2012

To conduct database testing the test engineers are following bellow issues:
1) Verification of data entered by the users through application at back end.
2) Verification of database design
3) Verifying the data integrity
4) Verification of SQL scripts.

Oracles aim

Asked By: brindakuppili | Asked On: May 10th, 2008

How are Oracles aim (application implementation methodology) used in testing?

Answered by: Sandhya.Kishan on: Mar 13th, 2012

During testing oracles amis at Business System Testing which focuses on linking test requirements back to business requirements and securing project resources needed for testing. It supports utilizin...

Database tester generally used commands

Asked By: rajendra.tripathy | Asked On: Apr 12th, 2008

What commands do database tester generally use & whether they are given privileges to the all tables to access?

Answered by: dadhichi golla on: Feb 23rd, 2012

Select ename,dept,sal from emp group by ename having dept order by sal

Answered by: kurtz182 on: Jan 12th, 2010

The Transact-SQL commands most often used by a tester are:USE database_name SELECT column_names FROM table_nameSELECT DISTINCT column_name FROM table_name'SELECT column_name FROM table_name W...

What is join and explain about types of joins?

Asked By: Mukul | Asked On: May 11th, 2006

Answered by: Rajnish Jha on: Jan 12th, 2012

Join: We can display data from two or more than two table using Join.

There are 4 Types of Join-
1) Natural Join
2) Inner Join
3) Outer Join
4) Cross Join

Outer Join is further divide into two types-
1) Left outer join
2) Right Outer Join

Answered by: mithr17 on: Nov 30th, 2011

May I suggest internet?

Database testing

Asked By: Q50281 | Asked On: Feb 28th, 2010

How would you check the database integrity testing through SQL?

Answered by: geocityco on: Nov 28th, 2011

Check database integrity Check the allocation and structural integrity of user and system tables, and indexes in the database, by running the DBCC CHECKDB Transact-SQL statement. This ensures that a...

How to extract data from different datasource

Asked By: Deepak Bhandarkar | Asked On: Apr 18th, 2007

( for e.G you have databases Oracle, SQL server 2000 etc and one of the table (columns) is unique in both the databases)?

Answered by: mithr17 on: Nov 22nd, 2011

@ dugulam: I would have agreed with your answer if both the databases were of the same type. Meaning if both the DBs were Oracle or both were SQL Server. But, the example in the question involved diff...

Answered by: dugulam on: Apr 9th, 2011

U can extract data from different table using the joins in sqlusing inner join         outer join etc.

What is way of writing testcases for database testing?

Asked By: rbabu.vobilisetti | Asked On: Sep 19th, 2005

Answered by: mithr17 on: Nov 2nd, 2011

Ok lets do this by taking an example. Lets say you are testing the integration between database and a user registration web application. User registration web site becomes your front-end and database...

Answered by: govind kumar on: Aug 9th, 2011

For writing test cases in Database first one should define the project name, then module,Bug number,objective,steps/action undertaken,expected result,actual result, then status, priority and severity.

Testing insert into new database table

Asked By: Lokesh16 | Asked On: Aug 18th, 2011

Identify social security numbers

Asked By: preetigupta107 | Asked On: Mar 2nd, 2011

How will you verify that there are no social security numbers greater than or less than 9 digits long in a table called customer_info? write the SQL query that will identify any social security numbers that do not meet this criteria

Answered by: ramarazu on: Mar 29th, 2011

SELECT ssn_no, LENGTH(ssn_no) FROM Customer_InfoWHERE LENGTH(ssn_no) 9GROUP BY ssn_no

Answered by: devgan on: Mar 5th, 2011

Select ID from test where ID Between 9999 and 100000you can try this out also.....

Database migration test scenario

Asked By: bharathi.peddibhotla | Asked On: Mar 5th, 2010

What are the test scenarios to test a database migrated from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008

Answered by: nicel007 on: Mar 4th, 2011

1. No of tables in both old and new should be same2. Table structures in both old and new should be same.3. If it's a Data nmigration to , then ned to compare the no of records in all the tables i...

Answered by: vaibhavst on: Mar 23rd, 2010

We need to check out what was all the enhancement the SQL Server 2008 has in it.  We need to design our testcase considering the following points.1.      Data type used2....

SQL case statement in etl testing.

Asked By: rohittesting | Asked On: Oct 21st, 2010

When qa will use casestatement(SQL query) in etl testing or datavalidation testing , like how he will be writing that query to test the date validation . Can you provide with example

Answered by: nicel007 on: Mar 4th, 2011

Suppoe there is table called SOURCE, conatins column NAME and AGE.  The reuirement is that to poulate records from SOURCE to the target tale TARGET. In TARGET table contain following co...

Answered by: Ravi raj on: Jan 31st, 2011

Select * from EMP where EMP_DOJ = 010110Here EMP is the Table name,EMP_DOJ is the date of joining of the Employee in EMP table.If any record/records found with DOJ as 010110,it will retrive all the re...

What is your approach to do back endtesting?

Asked By: rmangala | Asked On: Oct 6th, 2010

How do you do back end testing?

Answered by: prashantmunjewar on: Dec 16th, 2010

Cross Verify the front end changes reflection in case of Add, update and Delete operatiomn of any confirms that your changes made by application saves successfully

What is database testing and what we test in database testing

Asked By: md_shamiullah | Asked On: Dec 7th, 2005

Answered by: Mahadevan_S on: Jun 25th, 2010

Database Testing deals with the following:-1) Testing the data in the Database for Feed/Flat File data based on the requirements by writing medium to complex queries using SELECT, INNER JOINS/OUTER JO...

Answered by: Rajani on: May 8th, 2007

Hi Raghu,The answer you gave is very useful,. but can you be a bit more elaborative as of to what extent do we need to work with indexes, cursors and how to test a SP with some examples if possible!!Thanks Rajani

Basic database testing

Asked By: venkata.reddy | Asked On: Mar 2nd, 2010

What are the basic things you test in database testing?

Answered by: Sharad_Noida on: Jun 8th, 2010

In DB Testing we validate the proper data is maintained at Backend. We also validate the Stored Procedure return the expected result. And we also perform the Data migration migration means upgrade testing on DB like upgrade DB from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008....

Test migration data

Asked By: Pruthvibikki | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2008

What is data migration and how does a tester test the migration data

Answered by: sudhakar.arige on: Feb 16th, 2010

Data migration is translation of data in the tables from one db to another or is can also be from one format to another format.Checks needed are,Need to identify the source table in source db & de...

Answered by: ST123 on: Dec 16th, 2009

Data migration testing is to compare migrated data with original data to find out any discrepancies. Database Migration Testing: 1. We have to check database integrity. 2. We have to check the referen...

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