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  • Examples of Severity and priority of all combination

    Could please anybody give me the good examples of: High severity and Low priority Low severity and High priority Low severity and Low priority High severity and High priority Med severity and Med priority .... in the terms of functionality.. and Please tell me who will give the priority.


    • Apr 21st, 2017

    Hi Sajan Sharma in my openion High Severity Low Priority: Logo of the company is wrong, because Tester point of you logo is small mistake but customer point of you it is a blender mistake ex:ICICI if ...


    • Mar 3rd, 2017

    Spell mistake in Company name will be - High severity and Low Priority. Because if instead of TATA, it is displayed as BATA is the severity you think will be low ? So it all depends on the business that the client is in to.

  • End to End testing with Example

    Could anybody explain in detail what is end to end testing with an example?

    Prasenjeet Daftuar

    • Sep 2nd, 2013

    Hi All, Its really tough to describe end to end testing accurately. But I will try to make you guys understand by one example. Suppose One tester is doing the testing of an application named A(front ...

  • deliverables from the each of sdlc in V Model

    Could you please explain what are the deliverables from each phase to phase of V Model? and What is the Relation between validation phases against to the verification phases?


    • Dec 8th, 2012

    V model has the following phases and deliverables at each stage User requirements--- Requirement spec document System requirements--- Test basis document Global Design--- Test Design Docu...

  • Interface testing and Integration Testing

    What is the different between Interface testing and Integration testing?


    • Sep 13th, 2015

    Many components in a system are made up of several interacting objects. Assume that components A,B,C have been integrated to create a larger component or sub system. the test cases are not applied to ...


    • Dec 5th, 2014

    All the answers what ever is there in way it is correct.The example given with respect gmail we can consider it as functional testing as well.But with respect to ERP applications only you would com...

  • database testing roles and responsibilities

    what are the exact roles and responsibilities of a database tester?

    Bina Sarmah

    • Nov 15th, 2012

    To conduct database testing the test engineers are following bellow issues:
    1) Verification of data entered by the users through application at back end.
    2) Verification of database design
    3) Verifying the data integrity
    4) Verification of SQL scripts.