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  • Single Column Source Data

    Source have single column data, How can I get Target like row 1 goes to target 1, row 2 goes to target 2. src :- column_id 1 2 3 4 . . . 1000 , Target :- Target1(1) Target2(2) Target3(3), Target4(4) . . Target1000(1000) How can you achieve this scenario?


    • Apr 9th, 2019

    We can use filter stage which having single input and multiple output. And also allow multiple where conditions.
    Pass the data from each condition to respective output link.
    Ex. Where column_id =1 send that row to target1...


    • Mar 9th, 2019

    We can achieve using @INROWNUM system variable. @INROWNUM used to find the record count from input link.
    @INROWNUM generates 1 for first record, 2 for 2nd record....