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  • Single Column Source Data

    Source have single column data, How can I get Target like row 1 goes to target 1, row 2 goes to target 2. src :- column_id 1 2 3 4 . . . 1000 , Target :- Target1(1) Target2(2) Target3(3), Target4(4) . . Target1000(1000) How can you achieve this scenario?

    Yash Ojha

    • May 9th, 2020

    We can use the option "generate multiple files" in sequential file stage and then assign the data column as Key. SO with every change in key it will generate a new target file.


    • Dec 7th, 2019

    There are thousand rows, who will write thousand different where conditions and then will configure 1000 different files, is there any other solution which dynamic?