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  • dsjob run command in Unix platform

    We are using below command in Unix to run a Datastage Job: dsjob run mode project_name job_name When we are executing the above command in Unix what exactly it returns?


    • Aug 4th, 2016

    is it question for reviewers or your doubt ?
    you got answer if you run the command.

    Thanks !

  • Generate the Occurrence Number in Output File

    How to generate the occurrence no in out put file for the respective no of records in input file I need a count in the target file how many times the same record is available in input file. INPUT ----- ID NAME LOC 20 B Y 10 A X 20 B Y 30 C Z 10 A X 10 A X 20 B Y 20 B Y 30 C Z OUTPUT I NEED ----------------------- ID NAME LOC OCCURENCE 10 A X ...


    • Jul 22nd, 2016

    Thanks Sri for your reply. After using 3 stage variable in xfm we can generate the count of the respective record.But after that i need no remove the duplicates to get the unique respective record in...


    • Jul 20th, 2016

    First sort the incoming rows by ID, NAME and LOC.
    Then take three stage variables in the transformer

    StageVar2=if StageVar=StageVar1 then StageVar2+1 else 1
    map the StageVar2 to the output link column

  • Change Partition to Auto in Join stage

    What will happen if we will change the partition to Auto in Join stage?


    • Feb 18th, 2017

    We usually go for join stage when the source input data is huge!!! If we select Hash partitioning only then it will improve the performance of job because Hash partitioning ensures that the data with ...


    • Jul 1st, 2016

    Thanks Suresh for your reply !
    But when Hash partition used..It will also verify for all the partition.
    It will be more helpful if you will elaborate more on this.

  • How to load 2 files data into a single file without using join stage

    I have 2 files having different meta data and 2 files does not have any common key. How can I load the 2 files data into a single file without using Join stage?


    • Feb 9th, 2017

    Can we use Merge?

    Pavan Kumar

    • Jul 11th, 2016

    If Metadata is same then you can use "Funnel stage". If tables are different then, use column generator to create a common column for both the tables, then using join stage (Full outer join), join the two different tables.