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  • Roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager

    How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager?

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    I will answer this question as these roles apply to software.

    Project managers are responsible for the overall success of software projects from conception to deployment.  The tasks of a project manager include:
    1) Creates and executes project plans and revises them as appropriate to meet changing requirements.
    2) Manages daily operations of a project.
    3) Ensures project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
    4) Reviews deliverables before passing them to client.
    5) Enforces project standards.
    6) Mitigates risks.

    Quality Assurance managers are responsible for the quality of software throughout the software development process.  The tasks of a Quality Assurance manager include:
    1) Establishes the environments and tools required to prevent and detect software defects. 
    2) Establishes quality standards and procedures to be employed throughout software development projects.
    3) Creates and grows QA and Test teams through hiring and training.
    4) Removes obstacles that impede quality assurance and test progress.
    5) Delivers reports to stakeholders who need to make informed decisions about software quality.
    6) Monitors and assesses QA and Test team performance.