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  • Difference between filter & condition

    What is the diff. between filter & condition? Explain with an example?


    • Jul 25th, 2008

    The major difference between query conditions and document filters is that a condition is applied to the query and limits the data retrieved from the database, whereas the filter is applied to the data in the document to hide information and display only the information that you want to appear

  • Report Security

    How to apply security on report?


    • Nov 13th, 2008

    For reports we apply the security in Cognos connection.Go to cc from the actions->setpropertiesicon->permissions->click the check box overide the permission and then set required properties to protect to your reports.Let me know if you have any another solution.Thankssiva

  • Loading data from Datamarts

    Which approach is better and why?Loading data from datamarts to datawarehouse or vice versa?

  • What is subject area?


    • May 6th, 2006

    Subject Area is place where  we draw the entities and attributes of the dimensions and fact table with relationships in ERWIN


    • Mar 16th, 2006

    Dimension modelling is brokent into subject Areas which are nothing but functional areas of an enterprise.

  • How can I create a dynamic column name in Cognos

    1.Create a calculated column which contains the information that the header is to contain, such as "Report for year 1999" (concatenated text and date to string sub string extraction). 2.Highlight the report, and then right-click. 3.Select Properties, and then click the Headers/Footers tab. 4.Clear the Column Title Header check box. This will remove the headers from your columns. 5.Reinsert the rest...

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    Answered by: moissi

    • Nov 3rd, 2007

    1. add a data item to the query(the query on which the report is based)
    2. define an expression which u want to use for the dynamic column label
    3. from the report page click on the column label
    4. from properties pane look for "column label" the default would be "data item label/name" change that to "data item value"
    5. in the same pane change the "data item" property to have the data item that u created for the column label.


    • Apr 6th, 2013

    Two ways to used in dynamic columns in Report Studio

    1.Query Calculation

    Joseph Thekkath

    • Jan 16th, 2012

    Mgani, How we can create the column headers dynamically using parameter maps. Here is what I am facing, in the data table we have following columns Id, Fact Period And in a Translation Table I have...