Maximum score details among 10 records using transformer stage

I have 5 records in student table. I want maximum score student details. How to do this with transformer stage.
Example:Input::: Student table
Sno smarks
1 50
2 45
3 34
4 50
5 33
I want output like this::
sno smarks
1 50
4 50

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  • Apr 15th, 2016

We can implement this scenario in transformer stage, for that create three stage variables.

Step1: In transformer stage properties sort the smarks field as descending order.

Step2: Create three stage variables sv1,sv2,sv3
In Sv1: derivation map the smarks column
In Sv2: Sv1<=Sv3 then 1 else 0
In Sv3: derivation assign the Sv1 stage variable.

Above three stage variables give the 1 and zeros ,1 is maximum marks students and zero is rest.
So now In output tab constraint section give the following constraint
..After that compile and run the job you will get your desired out put.


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  • Apr 30th, 2016

Use a sorter transformation(sort -desc), add a sequence generator(nxt val=1).

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