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What is difference between a table and a materialised view, a view and a materialised view?

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sonali Kumari

  • Jan 15th, 2016

Unlike views, however, materialized views also store the results of the query in the database. However the rowids for the table and the view are identical, indicating the view returns the exact same data stored in the table. The rowids of the materialized view, on the other hand, differ from those of the table. This indicates the materialized view is returning a physically separate copy of the table data.

After the update, the view data matches the table data but the materialized view data does not. Data in materialized views must be refreshed to keep it synchronized with its base table. Refreshing can either be done manually, as below, or automatically by Oracle in some cases.

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  • May 12th, 2016

Materialised views do not have the same rowid as that of the actual table wherease views have the same rowid.
Materialised views are faster because indexing can be applied since the result is stored in a db unlike view which is a logical query executed everytime.

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