Object and Relational View

Explain the difference between object view and relational view.

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  • Dec 21st, 2015

A "Relational View" is the projection of the data using simple relational tables like:
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW relational_view
(employee_name, department_name) AS
SELECT employee_name, department_name
FROM employee a, department b
WHERE a.department_id = b.department_id;
However an "Object - Relational View" is projection of data with collection of data as Object

  1. CREATE TYPE inventory_typ

  2.  OID 82A4AF6A4CD4656DE034080020E0EE3D


  4.     ( product_id          NUMBER(6)

  5.     , warehouse           warehouse_typ

  6.     , quantity_on_hand    NUMBER(8)

  7.     ) ;

  8. /


  10. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW oc_inventories OF inventory_typ

  11.  WITH OBJECT OID (product_id)

  12.  AS SELECT i.product_id,

  13.            warehouse_typ(w.warehouse_id, w.warehouse_name, w.location_id),

  14.            i.quantity_on_hand

  15.     FROM inventories i, warehouses w

  16.     WHERE i.warehouse_id=w.warehouse_id;

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