Why we use Materialized view ?

If it reduce the traffic then please give an example for that one

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  • Sep 23rd, 2014

Materialized view is mainly used to improve the performance. When you call the normal view, It will run the select query and then fetch the results returned by select query. This is time consuming and effects performance if the select query is complex. Since the materialized view has the data stored in it, It will directly fetch the required data and improves performance.


  • Dec 5th, 2014

materialized view to used improve the performance of the query for example joins and aggregate function.it is stores the data but view doesn't store any data

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  • Feb 10th, 2015

Materialized views stores data init at the client side only so they do not need to fetch the records each time by hitting the database. They get the refresh only when executed manually or when set to get the refresh based on the settings. Therefore they are always faster than the normal views.

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  • Mar 2nd, 2015

A materialized view, or snapshot as they were previously known, is a table segment whose contents are periodically refreshed based on a query, either against a local or remote table. Using materialized views against remote tables is the simplest way to achieve replication of data between sites. The example code in this article assumes DB1 is the master instance and DB2 is the materialized view site.

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