What is STLC?

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Prabhu Prasad Mishra

  • Apr 14th, 2014

Software Testing is series of activities which is called software testing life cycle.

Requirement Analysis: In this phase the tester go through the SRS to understand the requirement and then interview the client to know the details about the requirements. Then they identify the test environment setup to be used for the testing to carried out. They prepare a requirement traceability matrix.

Test Planning: In this phase time and cost estimation is done. Different types of testing methods to be used. Resource allocations and distribution of tasks is decided. Tools are to be selected for testing.

Test Case Development: Test cases are prepared according to the SRS document keeping AUT as reference.

Test datas are prepared.

Environment Setup: Whatever environment was decided to be setup during the Requirement analysis phase should be now installed and configured in order to perform a smoke testing (applications health checkup). It can be done along with test case development.

Test Case Execution: Test Cases are to be executed. Defects raised are to be created as task and also to be traced with the respective test cases. A normal bug life cycle is to be followed.

Test Enclosure: A meeting is to be set to discuss about the current bottlenecks in the current build and also provide solution how to prevent these issues to be raised in the next build.

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