Explain Datastage configuration File and its importance

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The Datastage configuration file is specified at runtime by a $APT_CONFIG_FILE variable.
Configuration file structure

Datastage EE configuration file defines number of nodes, assigns resources to each node and provides advanced resource optimizations and configuration.

The configuration file structure and key instructions:

a. node - a node is a logical processing unit. Each node in a configuration file is distinguished by a virtual name and defines a number and speed of CPUs, memory availability, page and swap space, network connectivity details, etc.
b. fastname defines nodes hostname or IP address
c. pool - defines resource allocation. Pools can overlap accross nodes or can be independent.
d. resource (resources) names of disk directories accessible to each node.
The resource keyword is followed by the type of resource that a given resource is restricted to, for instance resource disk, resource scratchdisk, resource sort, resource bigdata

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