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What will happen by pouring diesel in petrol engine instead of petrol ?

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  • Jan 8th, 2013

Ignition will not take place since in petrol engine ignition takes place by spark and in diesel engine ignition takes place by compression as petrol is having less specific value and diesel is having more specific value.

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  • Jan 11th, 2013

Following will result,
Diesel require higher compression ratios to burn and will not be ignited by the spark ignition engine.
Engine will not crank until you change the oil from complete fuel lines, engine cylinder, accessories and the fuel tank

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  • Feb 18th, 2013

knocking will occur

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Bhushan Kulkarni

  • Apr 14th, 2013

two things may happen:

1)knocking will occur since diesel oil has low octane number 30-40.

2)ignition will not takes place since diesel has to reach certain temp for ignition which generally happens in CI engine.

dibyaranjan nath

  • Apr 26th, 2013

IC engine means what?

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rahul dey

  • Sep 19th, 2013

Ignition and combustion will take place..bcoz carburetor make air fuel mixture...no matter which fuel it is...when spark is produced ..the mixture will burn in a uncontrolled manner..efficiency will be very low...ultimately engine get seized

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  • Sep 23rd, 2013

Means ignition combustion

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rohan igavee

  • Sep 26th, 2013

The air fuel ratio is set different for different fuel .That's why no strt engine.and compression ratio require more for diesel

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kausar begum

  • Oct 19th, 2013

even it gets started we see un burnt , improper ignition , misfires, and white smoke , and high temperature is required to burn diesel , we use spark plugs in petrol engine, were in diesel engine we use ignitors

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akhil ramireddi

  • Jun 3rd, 2014

IC engine is may be defined as the combustion is done on the in side of the cylinder is called as a internal combustion engine

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gokul k

  • Jun 26th, 2014

The ignition will not happen as diesel requires a large compression ratio. but the petrol engine will not have a sufficient pressure difference to ignite the diesel

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  • Dec 22nd, 2015

1. Diesel needs high ignition temp. to burn. If diesel compatible ignition provided to spark plug in the IC engine of petrol, combustion will definitely take place but only for one cycle and the whole kitematics of piston and crankcase will get disturbed. As a result the exhaust and inlet valve timing will be disturbed and ultimately knocking, detonation occur and engine will seize.

2. The combustion cycle will not take place repeatedly because in each cycle, we need the same amount of high ignition temp. to burn the diesel which is not possible for petrol engine accessories.

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